5 Favorite Films of 2015

I must say that 2015 was a pretty decent year for films across various genres, however, I was more a fan of what 2014 produced. Nonetheless,  I still admired the multiple sequels, prequels, indies, sci-fi, and mega box office breaking blockbusters of 2015. Out of my gratitude for film in 2015, I have, in the early stages of February,  finally created my list of my 5 favorite films of the year in no particular order because I am that indecisive.

Me and Earl and The Dying Girl 


I have already discussed my love for this film on my other site at https://4therace.wordpress.com/.  The culmination of Alfonso Gomez Rejon’s visuals, sharp dialogue, smart characters, powerful messages and themes along with some “hearttugging” moments  is why I place Me and Earl and The Dying Girl on my top 5 list.

Ex Machina


Ex Machina consists of a cast of  3 pivotal characters and follows the story of the Artificial Intelligent A.V.A., played by one of my new favorites Alicia Vikander, and her pursuit towards obtaining human qualities. It truly was a science fiction film at its purest seeding from a simple idea and flowering into a complex plot.  If you have not seen Ex Machina or do not know what its about, I highly suggest it. Perhaps the less you know about this sci-fi the better…..

It Follows


Simply stating, a girl extracts a demonic entity which follows her and can change into the figure of anybody. For instance, the demon can change into a little girl or 7ft man as shown above. The issue is that no one else can see this being, she and the person she got this being from are the sole people who can recognize “its” presence.  The movie’s simplistic yet deep underlying themes, which I hope you find/found yourself, is why I placed this movie in my “rankless” top 5 and possibly my favorite indie film of 2015 as well.

Mad Max Fury Road


If you are a film buff like me, this is probably on your favorites of 2015 as well. George Miller made a fool of modern action movies, which consist of too much CGI and baseless plots, and chose to incorporate an unbelievable amount of practical effects, especially in this decade. Words cannot define why I love this movie, so perhaps the images and gifs above do. Nonetheless, my favorite parts of Mad Max was undoubtedly the color pallet (depicted) the stunt work/practical effects, cinematography and of course Furiosa!

Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens


giphy (1)

giphy (2)

Sorry no quality gifs here but still I tried to encapsulate the movie best through the trailer’s scenes. Star Wars the Force Awakens is one of my favorite movies of 2015 for a number of reasons. 1. Its Star Wars! 2. Rey 3. REY! 4. ITS STAR WARS! JJ Abrams, who I must say I thought he was not the right choice for the director seat at first, did a magnificent job at rejuvenating the epic saga through establishing interesting new characters from Kylo to BB-8, catching us up with our old time homies Han and Chewie and bringing nostalgia levels at an all time high. I loved every second of this film but what I admired the most is JJ choosing to shoot on FILM and bringing back the unique practical work of the original trilogy. Of course ILM and Lucasarts did not disappoint visually by presenting a whole new set of shots that the original trilogy could not. My favorites, The TI-Fighters silhouette shadowed by the sun, spacecraft battles inside of worlds (Takodana for instance) and the modernized sounds of the the lightsaber, blasters and a whole new John William’s soundtrack. Episode 7 was not perfect as it drew too many similarities to A New Hope but it promises an epic new trilogy!

 As you have noticed this top 5 may not have some films that you thought should be there, I am sorry. I have yet to see films like Hateful Eight, Carol, Brooklyn, Trumbo, Bridge of Spies, you get it…….But of course I plan to do so! Hopefully I will make another list of my Top 10 Favorite Films of 2015 that I saw in 2016! P.S. so far The Revenant, Creed and The Walk have all made the list!


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