The Grand Budapest Hotel [Wes Anderson]


Above is an example of the visual storytelling found in movies which are often under looked in the world of cinema. Films are often too critiqued on the aspects that don’t matter or not critiqued on the aspects that do matter. The gif above is from the meticulous director Wes Anderson in his Oscar nominated film “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. The Grand Budapest Hotel consists of shots, such as the one above, the diverge from dialogue and focus simply on the visuals. The example above focuses strongly on the girls face while displaying out of focus colours schemes in the background. Such shots appear in most of Anderson’s films and  have a nuance to his characters development. I find these shots to be so powerful when Anderson forces the viewers to gaze back at the eyes of his character. Not only is this shot so powerful, but viewers gain an understanding of who this character through a 3 second,  lingering shot.

If you are not a Wes Anderson fan, you may find his writing to be quirky, or you  may not like this film or any of his others. But a couple glances of this shot (hopefully) will demonstrate how sometimes films should be entirely neglected of their story and should be admired for their visuals. This gif is a perfect example of some of the true intentions of film, telling a story without even saying it.


One thought on “The Grand Budapest Hotel [Wes Anderson]

  1. […] Fantastic Mr.Fox is a 90 minute stop motion film which basically sums up why I love Wes Anderson. Dry Humor, unique storytelling, and HIS COLOR SCHEMES. The images above showcase some of Anderson’s beloved autumn colored schemes and of browns, yellows and oranges, and also showcase some of the fluid movements of Mr.Fox and his stop motion buddies in the gifs above.  I’ve also included Anderson’s close ups that he so very much loves in the images above. For a better explanation on the significance of said images visit my post on Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. […]


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