Martin Scorsese’s Foreshadowing in “The Departed”

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Martin Scorsese showcases how an “image” can speak a thousand words in his gangster film “The Departed”. What I admired most in this movie was Scorsese’s ability to tell a story simply through using props and lighting. Notice how Colin (Matt Damon) walks past a / of a lighting that crosses right through his head. How Billy (DiCaprio) walks past a couple of Xs at the airport, and how the windows behind Queenan (Martin Sheen) are tattered with X tape as he falls to his death. These symbols, of course, have meaning. What all these three characters have in common is [spoiler alert] they all die. And the “/s” and the “Xs” are recurring symbols throughout the film which foreshadows a character’s imminent death. Although, Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) does [spoiler alert] die, I have yet to find his “X” in the film, but I am sure its somewhere.

The movie is primarily about finding the mole in the police force who keeps leaking the information to Costello’s gang. The mole, in the end, was never clarified and that’s encapsulated in the last gif.


Hero [Yimou Zhang]

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Hero. One of my favorite action movies directed by Chinese director “Yimou Zhang”. Hero was not a movie solely of unique and engaging action sequences (a great story as well) but consisted of outstanding visuals. Each Act was designated a color scheme which related with the tone and mood of the characters at that particular point in the story. In the instances shown above, little dialogue was used to enhance the visual components of the scene.  I had nothing but respect for the story of Hero that was not only consisted of beautifully choreographed fighting sequences but also consisted of beautiful cinematography.

Macbeth 2015 [Justin Kurzel]

Although it fails in some areas, Justin Kurzel’s iteration of the infamous Shakespeare play Macbeth triumphs visually. Macbeth features hyper-real colors (most noticeably the oranges and reds) , great usage of natural light and stellar-long takes which intensify this film’s ominous atmosphere (along with an eerie soundtrack). Kurzel rarely shies away from disturbingly close,  close-ups making Macbeth a truly visceral cinematic experience. Alongside its strong visuals, the film is carried on the shoulders by two outstanding performances by Michael Fassbender (Macbeth) and Marion Cotillard (Lady Macbeth).

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The X-Men Movies Ranked

I love the X-Men. I love the comics and their parallels between mutants and blacks during the civil rights movement in the 1960s. I love the movies and their parallels between mutants and the modern issue of being “in the closet” as well as “being different” or “socially awkward” . This post will mainly focus on the cinematic adaptation X-Men and will feature a ranked list (with images and gifs of course) of my favorite X-Men movies from worst (spoiler alert its Origins) to best. Just before the release of X-Men: Apocalypse, take a journey with me from Xavier’s School of Talented Youngsters, to the X-jet, and through the countless  continuity errors as we venture through my ranked list of X-Men movies!

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5 Favorite Films of 2015

I must say that 2015 was a pretty decent year for films across various genres, however, I was more a fan of what 2014 produced. Nonetheless,  I still admired the multiple sequels, prequels, indies, sci-fi, and mega box office breaking blockbusters of 2015. Out of my gratitude for film in 2015, I have, in the early stages of February,  finally created my list of my 5 favorite films of the year in no particular order because I am that indecisive.

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Fantastic Mr.Fox [Wes Anderson]







vlcsnap-2016-01-02-15h36m12s200Fantastic Mr.Fox is a 90 minute stop motion film which basically sums up why I love Wes Anderson. Dry Humor, unique storytelling, and HIS COLOR SCHEMES. The images above showcase some of Anderson’s beloved autumn colored schemes and of browns, yellows and oranges, and also showcase some of the fluid movements of Mr.Fox and his stop motion buddies in the gifs above.  I’ve also included Anderson’s close ups that he so very much loves in the images above. For a better explanation on the significance of said images visit my post on Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.


Kilgrave is EVERYWHERE! [Jessica Jones]

Jessica Jones is Marvel’s second television show to premiere on the online streaming service of Netflix. The show of the eponymous hero follows her life after she has escaped the menacing hands of Kilgrave A.K.A, Purple Man (he has the the ability to control the mind and actions of the people who are under his powers) . After escaping his grasp, Jessica is psychologically distraught over the time (months) she spent AUK (acting under Kilgrave). I’m not going to review if this show was good (it was amazing) and I am not going to discuss if Kilgrave was a great villain (he is probably the MCU’s best). Instead I am going to share how wonderful the directing of Jessica Jones was.

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